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Yr 7 Selective

yr 6 selective for year 7 2018 

The Selective High Schools test is held annually for Year 6 students wishing to enter a Selective Government High School.

This test is for placement for year 7 students in 2019.

Students are to arrive on TBA before 9.00am on our K-6 Park Road Buildings campus and wait outside the Denzil hall area (near the covered walkway) for further instructions.

                    GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!


Department link with further details please click : Yr 7, Selective


Entry to Year 7 in 2019

The Selective High School Placement Test will be held on TBA

The test authority letter was posted on.... In most cases the email has the same information as the mail. The allocated test centres cannot normally be changed at this stage.

Yahoo is blocking our bulk email attachments with a virus message so we have resent test authority emails to Yahoo accounts. See the list of schools and their allocated test centres  and a map of test centres.

Find out more about the test and test centres and use the sample tests for practice.

If students cannot sit the test, parents may wish to use the illness/misadventure process. If parents believe there were factors preventing their child from doing his/her best either in the test or at school last year, they can submit a request for consideration of illness/misadventure. Illness/misadventure forms must be submitted within two weeks after the test.

Year 7 applications for 2019 placement opened on TBA  and closed on TBA. Late applications are not accepted.

Entry to Year 7 in 2019

Applications for entry to Year 7 in 2019 open on TBA and close on TBA. Late applications are not accepted.

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