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Loans and Returns


APCS K-12 students usually borrow books during scheduled library class times. Some loan activities can occasionally be arranged at recess, lunch time or after school (Please consult APCS Teacher Librarians). K-6 students can keep loaned items for one week while 7-12 students may keep items for two weeks at a time. Loaned items can be renewed twice if required. Loan limits per student in each grade are shown in  the table below.

APCS students are encouraged to use library bags when borrowing library books.  Homemade library bags are also acceptable.


You should return library items in the returning chutes located in the primary & secondary Yakka Taka respectively (images shown below). While you can return books at any time, you must return or renew all loaned library items when school holidays are approaching. Overdue notices will be issued as printed lists or via email before each term ends.

K-6 Returns Chute

7-12 Returns Chute


Towards the end of each term, APCS libraries will follow a 3-step procedure to recall overdue library books.

Step 1: overdue list will be read out to students who have outstanding library books during library class.

Step 2: Individual overdue slips will be issued to students who don't return outstanding library books after the first step.

Step 3: Official overdue letters will be posted to parents/guardians if students still have not returned their outstanding library books at the second step.

There are no fines for overdue items as long as they are found and returned. However, each lost item will incur a fee of $6 which will be requested in official overdue letters and the payment should be made @ the school office & is put towards the replacement of the lost library items. Below is an image of an overdue slip.

If you find any overdue library books at home, please ask your child bring them back to the Yakka Taka during as soon as is convenient.  Further loans are not permitted until the overdue is cleared from the student's account.

If you have any questions regarding returning library items, you can either write a return message on the back of an overdue slip or email the school via :