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Yakka - Taka - Library

Welcome to APCS Yakka Taka


Alexandria Park Community School library has evolved progressively since the school re-establishment in 2003. When APCS relocated to the new school building in 2020, the library was named the ‘Yakka Taka’ meaning “learning together” in Gomberee language, with K-6 located on the Ground Floor and 7-12 on Level 1.


The Yakka Taka is a major educational resource for APCS teachers and students. It is not only a learning and information centre that facilitates the planning and implementation of APCS teaching programmes, but also a recreational and reference centre. Multiple focuses and programs are offered in the library including:


Each focus is equally important and should be the responsibility of the whole school community. These library programs are implemented through weekly library classes combined with scheduled co-teaching lessons in the primary library & flexibly scheduled co-teaching lessons fortnightly in the secondary library. K-6 teacher-librarian (Miss B. Ruschen) & 7-12 teacher-librarian (Ms Q. Young) can be consulted for relevant library times.


The APCS Yakka Taka opens during lunchtime (4 days a week for K-6 & 5 days a week for 7-12) for recreational activities such as reading, chess, cards, quizzes, etc. The primary Yakka Taka is open to all stages each day, while access to the secondary Yakka Taka is based on a grade roster. While all loan activities should take place during scheduled library class times, high school loans can also be processed at recess & daily lunchtimes as well as after school on Wednesdays when the Homework centre is open in secondary Yakka Taka.

The APCS library management system is called “OLIVER”. You can access the APCS OLIVER catalogue by clicking the “My school library” icon on your DoE portal home page. Although you can return books at any time, your loans must be returned or renewed when school holidays are approaching. Overdue notices will be issued as printed lists or via email before each term ends.

The APCS Yakka Taka closely aligns all educational practices with the school PBL values ‘Be Respectful’, ‘Be Safe’, ‘Be a Learner’ with ‘RESPECT’ being a core focus underpinning each and every day.