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Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.

APCS Primary School Staff List 2021


Principal Diane Fetherston

K-6 Deputy Principal

Lucy Smith (Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri)
K-6 Deputy Principal David Olsen (Thurs)
Kindergarten (KA) Lisa Akkoumi
Kindergarten (KJ) Jessie Attwood
Kindergarten (KH) Grace Humphreys (ES1 AP Wellbeing)
Kindergarten (KP) Coco Page (ES1 AP Curriculum)
(Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri) & Tine Eriksen (Wed)
Kindergarten (KS) Georgia Sammon
Year One (1D) Donna Davey (Mon-Wed) & Tine Eriksen (Thurs and Fri)
Year One (1O) Erin O’Sullivan
Year One (1P) Stephen Pittman (S1 AP Wellbeing)
Year One and Two (1/2T) Leanne Toia (Mon, Tues and Fri) & Amanda McLeod (AP Transitions) (Wed and Thurs)
Year Two (2A) Amanda McLean
Year Two (2M) Courtley Mancell (S1 AP Curriculum)
Year Two (2V) Cazna Vangarden
Year Three and Four (3/4A) Jacob Ansell
Year Three and Four (3/4C) Christine Hill
Year Three and Four (3/4H) Bradley Hansen (S2 AP Wellbeing)
Year Three and Four (3/4M) Molly Moore (S2 AP Curriculum)
Year Three and Four (3/4S) Cristina Santone
Year Five and Six (5/6A) Lynette Allen
Year Five and Six (5/6B) Roslyn Broomfield (Mon-Thurs) & Lucy Jillings (Fri)
Year Five and Six (5/6O) David Olsen (S3 AP Curriculum) & Lucy Jillings (Thurs)
Year Five and Six (5/6S) Joy Smith (S3 AP Wellbeing)
Year 5 OC (5O) Sarah Oluk
Year 6 OC (6F) Gabrielle Friedlander 
Aboriginal Education Officer Deborah Daley
RFF Music Cameron Whipp (Mon-Thurs)
RFF CAPA Rebecca Campisi
Librarian Beth Ruschen
Library RFF David Moir
K-6 EALD Teacher Rosemary Kent (Mon/Tues)
Elise McLaurin (Thurs/Fri_
Stage 3 EALD Teacher Lucy Jillings (Wed)
Learning & Support Danielle Ozdirik

APC High School Staff List 2021
Principal Diane FETHERSTON
Deputy Principal Louise HAWKINS

Christy GODBY Instructional Leader 
English & LOTE Department English & LOTE Department

Jane RYAN - Head Teacher                                                  

Alex FORBATH - Head Teacher Administration
Ashley GRAY - Student Leadership Team Maeve THOMSON - Year 9 Advisor                     
Tahlia SANDERS - Year 7 Advisor Harry JUN                                         
William SHARP Dee CANTRELL - Year 10 Advisor, International Student Coordinator
HSIE Department HSIE Department
Thecla SIAMAS  - Head Teacher Kadek ARYA-PINATYH - Head Teacher Teaching & Learning/PDHPE                 
Adrian JOHNSON                          Andrea FATOUROS - PBL Coordinator
Daniel WATERWORTH - Year 8 Advisor Stewart OKELL - Year 11 Advisor                                
Cameron CRAIG Diana LUO
Nathan MCEWAN  
Mathematics Department Mathematics Department
Joanne RIDGE (Mat Leave)  -Head Teacher                      Muhammad ABDULLAH - Head Teacher                 
Charlie LIANG Stephen BENNETT
Finley GUINNESS Gabriella BARNETT - Student Leadership Team
Daisy LUO  
Tiffany-Jane KASZ  Natalie Casale
Constance ROSSIDES - Sports Coordinator                          Jess STAFFORD
Matthew BOWMAN  
Science and TAS Department Science and TAS Department
Kylee HESLOP - Acting Head Teacher                              Philip CONOLLY
Mohammed BASHIR Nick ALEXOPOULOS                       
Joanne AGATHOPOULOS                Austin BERSCHEID
Claire CASWELL (Mat Leave) Term 1 temp
CAPA Department CAPA Department
Mara O’TOOLE- Year 12 Advisor                 Leanne WINFIELD - Music                                    
Chloe SUTCLIFFE - Visual Arts/HSIE                                  
Specialist Teachers Support staff
Patricia BETAR - Head Teacher Wellbeing                                             Hilton DONOVAN - AEO                                        
Cheryl HERDEN (Tues, Wed, Thurs) School Counsellor Richard JOHNS - TSO
Vanessa CAHILL                (Mon, Fri) School Counsellor Costa Listas - SLSO
Rochelle FOLEY               Drama/Learning and Support Sharon JONES - SLSO
Anna NICHOLLS-                      Learning and Support Tammy CAMERON - SLSO                          
Laura MEDWAY  Quin YOUNG - Librarian

Administration and Support Staff
Linda Turner - SAM Kylie Goddard - Tue-Thu
Jo Bogdanovska - SAO

Nicole Johnson - SAO
Sam Bogdanovski - GA Anna Povey - SAO
Kathleen Bujeia  - SAO Amanda Rickett - SAO Mon-Tue
Charlene Flood - SAO Leanne Turner -SAO
Joasia Gajda - SAO