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School Homework Centre

tutors and students 

 Junior Homework centre is now reaching capacity each term so return forms quick.

Please ensure all permission notes are returned promptly to avoid disappointment of missing out on the Junior centre.

Our Junior Homework Club operates on Wednesdays beginning on TBA between 3:15pm – 5pm in the  Library in the Park Road Buildings.

There are currently spaces for 30 students (Yr3-7) and SENIOR student tutors (Yr10-11) that can attend the Junior centre. 

There is also a Senior Homework Centre on Wednesdays for the senior high school students. 

Permission note (pdf 373 KB)


Junior Club has a $20.00 per term food fee payable to Ms Young to contribute towards afternoon tea (finger food & drinks).

Year 7-12 students can attend both centres.

Please keep an eye out for permission notes under the "School Years Tab" at top of this page. Notes are also given to students at the end of each term for the following term.


Seniors Yr 7-12:-

All students are welcome to come and do homework and assignments with help, if needed, from supervising teachers.

If you have any questions please feel free to call the senior office on: (02) 9698 1967 

The APCS homework centre is available for students every Wednesday afternoon from 3:10pm to 5:40pm in the Performance Space (Senior Campus) in the Buckland Building.

Staff from across the various curriculum areas volunteer their time to assist students to:

  • Deepen their knowledge and understanding of the syllabi 
  • Strengthen their understanding of classwork to enable students to complete homework
  • Prepare and study for assessment tasks and exams.

The atmosphere is very collaborative and encourages student engagement. This has contributed to improved student results, attitude and confidence in learning



"A great opportunity to complete classwork"           Beau


"Helps my understanding of harder work"                Mustavi


"Its provides out of hours assistance"                       Rachel


"Provides inspirational collaborative environment"  Sabeera


          Chinese/English details (pdf 113 KB)


Junior students - Year 3 to 12 students are all welcome to come and do homework and assignments (Seniors are able to attend either Senior or Junior Homework Club)..

Students have access to the school computers, books, wifi and our dedicated teachers who are available to help students with their work. 


Homework Centre Regulations.

1. Uphold honesty, integrity, diligence and compassion.

2. Develop leadership skills.

3. Guide & empathise with others.

4. Keep focused on tasks.

5. Maintain low volume of discussion voices.


Permission to attend the junior campus Homework Centre:

JUNIOR Homework Club Permission:    Homework Club Permission (pdf 373 KB)



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homework club


   homework club


homework club


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