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Learning support

The University of Sydney Union's School Tutoring Program (STP) has been in operation since 1984.

The Program aims to provide tutoring services to Year 11 and 12 HSC students in the local area who require academic assistance but who may not be able to access tutoring services for financial or family reasons.

It runs every year and aims to assist students who would otherwise be unable to afford tutoring. If you think you are eligible and would like to apply, see Ms Betar, Careers Adviser.



Access to Your tutor ASTAR also our portal to online homework and study support via Your tutor, which is anonymous and free for students who are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander and/or attend an UAC identified EAS school. Should a student need essay feedback, homework help or editorial advice they can connect online in seconds to an expert who can assist. 
Tutors are local teachers, university and subject-experts who have passed extensive screening and qualification checks. Visit for the links and further information.