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I am pleased to announce our Careers department have purchased access to a website devoted to career news and development.  is an excellent resource for teachers, students and parents to access whenever they want to know anything about jobs and how to get them.

Once you register you will receive weekly newsletters focussing on your personal career interests. What's more, if you provide your non- school email address you will continue to receive newsletters for 12 months after you have left school! This allows students who are indecisive to remain in contact with employment and training opportunities. You can change your career focus at any time.

Please have a look at the JobJump link which tells you how to register and what you will get from registration.


Access to Yourtutor, our portal to online homework and study support is now available. It is anonymous and free for students who are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander and/or attend an UAC identified EAS school. Should a student need essay feedback, homework help or editorial advice they can connect online in seconds to an expert who can assist. Tutors are local teachers, university and subject-experts who have passed extensive screening and qualification checks. Visit for the links and further information.


Below is a couple of interesting websites that you may wish to view.

Myfuture Videos
Myfuture has added new videos to introduce each of the 5 key new sections:

  • Getting started
  • Change direction
  • Assist your child
  • Explore career
  • Tools and resources

Each video is approximately 1 – 2 minutes and provides a brief overview of the content on that section.

Parents Talking Career Choices
A booklet providing parents and guardians with information on post-school further education or training, and employment options.