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Yakka Tech

Access to digital resources is crucial for 21st Century lifelong learners. Digital technologies are critical tools for APCS library users during learning from home.

Yakka Tech is a collective title given to the digital resources subscribed by Alexandria Park Community School library. It is available 24/7 from beyond the physical boundaries of the school.

To access Yakka Tech Bulletin please go here.

The Bulletin is published once per semester. It provides teachers and parents with digital resource reviews.

Access to all APCS digital resources can only be granted with DoE login via either Oliver library or Google classrooms.

Oliver is a library catalogue management system supported by DoE. Via OLIVER, Students & staff can access other digital resources such as Britannica, ClickView, JSTOR , Wheeler, etc.

This is the  APCS K-6 virtual library site. It contains an abundance of Yakka Taka resources which help assist students learning from anywhere at any time

This is an online library consortium which offers 3,000 eBooks and audio books to APCS Yakka Taka users. 

ClickView provides thousands of quality educational videos designed for schools. It is accessible 24/7 via Oliver library or the link

Britannica School offers visually engaging resources that support collaborative learning styles. The resource covers the core subject areas of English, History, Mathematics & Science and includes interactive lessons, activities, games, stories, worksheets, manipulatives, study guides and research tools.

JSTOR is an online database consisting of authoritative, academic and trusted material to research topics across the curriculum. Students can access its Primary Source collections, secondary school collection with over 3,600 archival journals and more than 2,000 open access ebooks as well as ArtSTOR with quality images.

Story Box Library is a digital collection of over 400 quality picture books read by actors, celebrities and authors. Story Box Library is locally focused & also includes many indigenous stories. Approximately 40-60 new stories are added each year to the collection.

A digital edition of the “Sydney Morning Herald” for APCS staff & students who are interested in all subject areas of business, history, arts , politics, finance, literature, sports, etc.

Cosmos is a quarterly science magazine with a global outlook and literary ambition. It aims to inspire curiosity in 'The Science of Everything' and make the world of science accessible to everyone by delivering Science news, stories, discoveries and expert analysis.

Accelerated Reader is an online platform that helps guide students towards library books that are suitable for their reading levels as well as increasing their literacy ability. It is a useful data-driven tool that enables readers to track comprehension by providing personalised reading practice to help every student become a flourishing reader. 

“Study Skills Handbook '' is a great online resource for parents & students to address their study skills issues and concerns as well as learning new ways to improve students’ results at school. The handbook has lots of interactive activities, multimedia experiences and useful resources.