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Whilst we love a new comer at APCS Fitness Club, we also love to acknowledge our loyal participants because their dedication to fitness is unwavering. We spoke to School Captain and serious self-motivator, Jason Ke to find out what keeps him coming back for more!

Why did you first start coming to fitness?

I heard great things about it from fellow peers and wanted to get a little more active so I thought I'd give it a go.

What motivates you to continue coming to fitness?

Coming to fitness is not only good for you physically but it builds your mental strength. It becomes part of your everyday routine like brushing your teeth.

What's your favourite thing about the APCS Fitness Club?

My favourite thing would probably be the whole atmosphere which motivates you to push yourself to the next level. Something you don't have when you're working out alone. Another thing would be the nice feeling you get after the workout knowing you've pushed yourself to your limits and done something productive.

How has fitness benefitted you in a schooling or academic sense?

I think fitness has definitely benefitted me academically. It allows me to remain calm and steady during exams, as well as give me self-confidence to believe I can achieve something. It has also made me feel like a more positive person.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about attending APCS Fitness Club for the first time?

Come along! I believe fitness can benefit anyone and it's never too late or too early to give it a go. It is truly the ‘Ke' to achieving success.



The APCS Fitness Club is an opportunity for teachers and students to get fit. 

It is also an opportunity to meet other APCS students, have fun and kick start the glorious day ahead at APCS.


Some fitness program offerings are jogging/running, strength work, circuit training, cardio, boxing, touch footy, basket ball - these do change daily.



The Fitness Club is open to all Year 6 to 12 APCS students and teachers they are very welcoming and encourage students to attend.



Fitness is run before school each Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings at 7.15 to 8.15am each school term. 



The Denzil - which is located on the Park Road Campus.  


For further details contact Trent (Tues), Tiffany, Muhammad or Ray at the school on 9698 1967.