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Combined PSSA sport for students in years 3 to 6 is on each Friday (wet weather affected).

Please ensure children are dressed and ready in their RED APCS SHIRT/Shorts/runners - APCS hat, water bottle, sunscreen etc by 9.10am.

Some examples of sports on offer during the year are listed below - these sports do change each term are:

Basketball (training withTerry Denzil) Gala days, Softball, Cricket, GoGo sport, Swimming, Netball, Soccer, OzTag, Tennis, Unpaid sports.


All PSSA notes to be signed and returned each term.

For paid sports that the money is paid either per term or weekly to the office or online using our make a payment option - see the above make a payment tab.


PSSA notes will be given to students at the beginning of each term and they need to be signed and returned each term.

If the sport picked is a paid sport the payment must be made at the office or on the link before the student can attend.