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Language, Literacy and Learning- L3 at Alexandria Park Community School


The ‘Language, Literacy and Learning' or ‘L3' program began at Alex Park in 2015, when our Kindergarten students for that year participated in this innovative literacy program. As a result of the successful implementation of this project, the school community decided to implement the program across Kindergarten and Year One in 2016. This year we are very excited because Kindergarten, Year One and Year Two will all be participating in L3.

What is L3?

L3 focuses on providing rich literacy experiences to assist all children to become successful Readers and Writers. It occurs as part of the daily literacy lesson within each classroom. During Literacy sessions, children are taught in small groups of three or four students. While each group is being given short, targeted, explicit lessons in Reading and Writing, the rest of the class complete carefully selected activities to extend their literacy learning. There is a strong focus on quality literature and reading for enjoyment and developing students' ability to think critically, reflect, and draw upon a range of strategies as they develop their reading and writing skills. Teachers involved in the project undertake a two year course where they learn new teaching techniques and get an opportunity to explore what research says about how to best teach students.

What has been the impact of L3 at APCS?

Kindergarten: In 2014 (pre implementation

of L3) the average reading level of a student

exiting Kindergarten was a level 7. In 2016, the

average reading level of a student exiting

Kindergarten increased to a level 10.

Year One: In 2015, the average reading

level of a student exiting Year One was a level 15.

In 2016, the average reading level of a student

exiting Year One increased to a level 20.

Teachers, support staff, and students at Alex Park have all worked very hard to achieve these excellent results, which are indicative of a culture of "Achieving and Aspiring Students".

It is wonderful to see the students really looking forward to L3 time every day.



Kindergarten Home Reading

Your child will be bringing home a ‘reader' for your child to read at home. Practise at home is an important part of learning to read and it would be fantastic if you are able to devote some time to reading with your child.

Readers can be sent in every day and they will be changed regularly. Please write the name of the book in the appropriate place on the Home Reader Log Book form so that you don't get the same book twice. 

Thanks for your support,

Kindergarten Teachers


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