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Working Bees

Our P&C working bees are a great way to meet new people that you don't always get to see during the school day/term.

All we ask for is an hour or two of your time to help out where you can and that you advise us your speciality (gardening, painting, graphics, cooking,

sewing, computers etc) so we can ensure your valuable time is used whilst you are able to assist in the working bee efforts.

The P&C have a working bee each term. Our aim is to help beautify and assist the school where we can for the benefit of students and staff. 

Our working bee efforts do not go un-noticed and are appreciated by all the students and teaching staff

There is always plenty of gardening to be done on both campuses so if you're dreaming of getting your green thumb on give us a shout.


Our next working bee is:

Date:             Sunday June 30th

Location:            Park Building or Buckland Building

Time:              9am to 2pm

Looking for some willing volunteers to help spruce up our school in preparation for NAIDOC celebrations at the end of the term.

Contact us by email:     

or you can :  CLICK HERE to go to straight to our Facebook group.


As mentioned come for an hour, two, three or more - meet new people, enjoy the stress free day - it's quite therapeutic.

Kids are welcome under adult supervision and all we ask is that you wear a hat and enclosed shoes - We will provide the sunscreen, laughs and the things to do!

At 1.00pm a BBQ will be held to thank all volunteers and to have a social event

If you can please just drop a quick email to and advise you are coming for how ever many hours and you would like to do a certain task (paint, garden, sew, etc) that will help assist with having a task ready for you to choose.