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Return Books NOW - please!

At the end of each term and school year we expect ALL Library books to be returned asap.

An Overdue Notice Slip will be sent home with students who have overdue books in Kindergarten to Year 12.

The Lost book fee is $6.00 per book and can be paid to the junior campus office.

The Library procedure is:

  • Kindergarten – Year 7, Overdue Slips are handed to children with overdue books.
  • Year 8-12, receive an email in their school email portal and a hard copy Overdue Slip.
  • 2 weeks after Overdue Slip and book not returned a letter is mailed home asking for books outstanding to be returned or pay the amount of "Lost Book Fee" indicated on the final letter to the junior office.
  • Borrowing is not permitted until the Overdue is cleared from students account.


If you have any questions regarding returning the books please call and discuss with the Library.


Return your Library Books NOW